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3 Ways To Get The Best Armor in Skyrim

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Skyrim embodies the idea of "collecting" perfectly. One main reason for this, other than it being an RPG, is cause you can upgrade almost everything you get by using it. While some armors are only there to look cool, others actually have stats which will help your character survive. And so begins the hunt for the best armor. From early on in the game you have an idea of some of the best stuff, or "endgame" armors - or what you can get if you're a high level with a ton of money.

This guide will show you three ways to get the best armor available without being a massive high level character or having to resort to the console. These methods are not extremely time consuming so enjoy!

What is the best armour in skyrim

Something is one of those skills that you can put some points into and just forget about it. There isn't much rig out there where putting a point in something will make you an instant badass - but this is one of them! If you aren't familiar with the skill, it allows you to upgrade existing pieces of armor (similar to enchanting) by using ingots, leather strips and other materials. The end result is usually an increase in defense, making it worth the trouble.

The best armor in Skyrim is the Daedric Armor, which can be found by defeating a powerful enemy

Dremora. Having Daedric armor will make killing anything in the game easier, giving you better defense and more power for your enchantments. The only downside is that it's pretty expensive to upgrade this stuff past level 15. This method requires some backup gear, but if you can get them, Full Dragonscale Armor/Boots/Gauntlets can also be incredibly powerful. They require a total of 8 scales and 2 dragon bones to upgrade each piece, so it's cheaper to get the Lord Armor set from Whiterun - it only requires 1 scale per item.

There are three ways to get the Daedric Armor - find it, buy it from an NPC, or create it yourself

First, the easiest way is to find it. I would hope that you know of a place in Skyrim known as Yngvild, which houses the tomb of the necromancer named Arondil. All his stuff is yours for the taking once he's dead - including his Daedric armor. The second way would be to buy it. If you're playing the game on Xbox 360 or PS3, then this will cost you - even if you have all your Speech levels maxed out. You can find it in a place called The Best Defense for about 23k. PC players can go to Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun and get the Daedric Armor for 20k, and the helmet for an additional 3k - this is the easiest way to get it if you don't want to risk dying.

Find a crafting station and begin creating your own armor using the materials you have on hand

As you level up the blacksmithing skill, your chances to successfully upgrade armor increases - making this method even more efficient. Each piece of Daedric Armor has a difficulty of "Expert" so make sure you've got some points in Smithing before attempting this one!

Something else that's kind of important is your smithing level. You can't do anything without some blacksmithing knowledge and if you're legendary in smithing, then it's a piece of cake.


I hope this article was informative and you've found another way to get your hands on some sweet black armor. Keep in mind that the best armor is not always the pieces with the highest defense stats - it's also about which ones look cool! Thanks for reading my Skyrim Armor Guide, I'll see you next time.


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